The right strategy + the best tools = greater results.

The A Group is a different kind of communications partner, a MarTech firm, founded on strategy, focused on results and fueled by purpose. We understand ministry and are motivated by mission, and we blend proven marketing strategies with cutting-edge tools to help our clients reach more people and achieve greater results.

From our early days partnering with churches on direct mail outreach to building multilingual platforms to help broadcast the Gospel to the ends of the earth, we’ve always led with strategy and built the tools needed to support that strategy. Over the last 15 years, as our clients have grown and the “MarTech” discipline has taken shape, we continue to develop strategies that harness the power of both marketing and technology to achieve the greatest impact.

Whether you need technology solutions, marketing strategies, cutting edge graphics or custom software, we dive deep, invest ourselves in solid research and strategy, and offer full-service, tailored solutions to help you reach your goals – and most importantly, reach more people.

The Martech Difference

*MarTech | n.

blending traditional marketing practices with the latest technology to reach audiences and achieve results.

Long before “MarTech” was a term or “chief marketing technologists” had a job description, we created technology tools to support our marketing strategies. Understanding that integrated communications required multiple avenues to reach multiple audiences, we utilized existing technology, built new technology and remained nimble in order to meet the needs of our clients and the ever-changing world. It was a way of doing things that worked for us - and it is now becoming the way of the world. We believe this approach empowers ministries to make the greatest impact, reaching people wherever they are.

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